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Sep 26, 2010 11:00pm EDT
. matt aklin, fox 5 news. >> they are looking for a dark colored sedan, maybe a honda. they believe the car could have some damage to the front headlight and maybe the hood even. >> the family of sarah haily fox says politics is getting in the way of justice. thomas legs is accused of kidnapping and killing her in salisbury last december. her family says the current state's attorney knows the case best and should prosecute it but he lost the democratic primary. now the republican candidate said he would let him handle the case. but we should also say the democratic candidate says he hasn't ruled that out either. >>> hundreds of korans set to be burned in pastor terry jones 9/11 stunt in florida will soon be serving a new purpose in our area. where everywhere at 11. patrick mahoney has selected 225 of those korans and will distribute them to christian churches as a tool of interface dialogue. he says he has spoken with several muslim leaders. the action is mixed but all are grateful they will not be burned. >> scary moments for dozens of passengers aboard a flight from new york state to
Sep 12, 2010 10:00pm EDT
pushing for change. fox 5's matt aklin is following this one tonight. >> reporter: you could find americans from just about every state in the union. a long line of marry marchers who call themselves members of the tea party. a party that is hoping for sweeping change come the mid- term election. >> people are angry. they are upset. they are not going to take it anymore. >> promise me the tea party z members don't you think? >> reporter: it is clear those who came to the nation's capitol this weekend are passionate about their cause. the focus to reduce big government. they want a conservative approach to running the country in the future. in most cases, the tea party members are supporting the most conservative candidates and races across the country. al a veteran from michigan became emotional when he tried to tell us why he's here. >> and my grandkids, my kids. >> this is one of the rallies being held throughout the united states today. there is also one in st. louis and sacramento. in all, tens of thousands of americans are expected to be a part of these rallies. >> for the fi
Sep 26, 2010 10:00pm EDT
victim was doing when the car hit her and then took off. matt aklin joins us live. >> reporter: we took the family members off the camera who had just visited her in the hospital. they say she did not look good. doctors are not sure if she will recover. 24-year-old daniela was born in guatemala. most recently she lived and worked about a block from where she was hit around 8:00 saturday night. she was struck a few feet away from her boyfriend's home. >> i heard a thump. it sounded like a car hit another car. >> montgomery county police are doing all they can to find the driver of what they believe was a small dark sedan, possibly a honda. they say the force of the impact caused some damage and even a piece of evidence was left behind. >> it did leave the right-hand side exterior passenger mirror on the scene after it struck her. >> neighbors say this narrow stretch of carol avenue can be hazardous. many drivers ignore the speed limit we're told even with the school just across the street. >> i've seen a crossing guard almost get hit trying to cross the kids to school. so people don't go
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3